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Colonel (Retd)

Highly qualified and professionally competent individual, having a very vast experience in managing the intelligence and security networks in Pakistan. He is well reputed and well linked in national and international communities involved in risk management. His team comprising of retired armed forces personnel having years of expertise in risk management is dedicated and competent to provide a swift solution to any of your verification needs.

Email: president@hawkverifications.com

President's Message

Our society has degenerated to an extent that truthfulness, honesty and integrity have become very scarce to find in our fellow human beings. To trust someone has become a thing of past as deceptions, fraud and lies are a way of life for people. In order to create a mental barrier for all those liars that they can now be exposed, I have created the HAWK VERIFICATIONS Fact Finding Services. I assure you that my team is fully capable to provide swift solutions to all your inquiries.

You now have a friend and a professional who is on your side and who would protect your interest against anyone bent upon hurting you emotionally or monetarily.

We are proudly affiliated with the following business and professional risk management associations:

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners USA  
National Association of Professional Background Screeners USA

American Management Association USA  
Global Association of Risk Professionals UK

Society of Human Resources Management Professional USA  
United States Association of Professional Investigators USA

Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals USA  
National Association of Investigative Specialists USA
European Marketing Association   Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry  

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