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Customized trainings programs are offered along with the workshops and seminars. Various techniques and methodologies are used towards learning benefit of a variety of participants. 




The most adequate and cost effective corporate structure is being deliberated upon by almost all the organizations globally. The Corporate Restructure Workshop brings a first time ever opportunity for organizations in Pakistan to interact with an internationally acknowledged guru who would help them engage in an activity based workshop that will help you in developing the ideal corporate structure for your organization.

Workshop Benefits

  • Understanding and application of the concepts of corporate restructure
  • Proactive organizational development
  • Awareness of how leaders are restructuring for competitive advantage

The Approach

This course highlights the different types of organizations operating in the country and provides a background of the growth patterns that have been followed by these organizations. Further details about organizational structure, the importance and understanding of organizational behavior and culture, and their relationship and importance in the change process will also be discussed in great detail. By engaging the participants in open discussions, the course is designed to make the members learn about different organizations and make them analyze their own situation by identifying the areas where their organization can improve, deliver or gain a competitive advantage.

The discussions will then take a step forward towards restructuring, that would include defining the concept, identifying its characteristics, and putting light at the different forms or the different options like job analysis and design, position descriptions, business rocess re-engineering, competency modeling, organizational performance management using balanced scorecard techniques etc. that are available to these organizations. Stages involved in the restructuring process will be the major focus of this workshop. These stages will be discussed with examples and further with the help of case studies developed exclusively for this workshop.


Most employers want to ensure that they can attract, retain and motivate the best employees and teams. This workshop will cover the key areas in the overall compensation and benefits packages that enable employers to adopt the best practices and help them compete more effectively in the war for talent whilst also achieving optimal cost effective performance for the employer.

Numerous forms of variable compensation and incentives and benefit plans provide employees with the opportunity to earn higher pay where performance can merit. This workshop will explore the different types of variable pay and incentive plan options available that are effective in the region like: variable pay as a total remuneration strategy, short-term incentive plans and long-term incentive options.

Workshop Benefits

This workshop is suitable for both HR generalists and remuneration specialists; the aim of the workshop is to enable you to gain a better understanding of how to design a compensation system and how to use compensation design to attract, motivate and retain employees. It will also cover key trends in the compensation and benefits marketplace for employees, and enable you to use the overall remuneration package more effectively in managing performance of employees and achieving better business results through a more effective approach to the compensation and benefits program.

The Approach

The program will be delivered by a blend of different methods including classroom lectures, case study exercise and printed material giving participants a sound knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of the Compensation System at an advanced level.


The ACR system of measuring the individual performances, currently being practices in most of the government organizations, has become ineffective in terms of desired results. Because of the confidentiality involved, an individual is never given a true opportunity or guidance/counseling towards improvement. Thus years in and out the organization remains dormant in terms of performance improvement. The Balanced Scorecard has emerged as a proven tool in meeting the many challenges faced by the modern organizations. It gives a multi-angle picture of a company’s performance by looking at more than just one aspect.
What is needed is a system that provides real insight into an organization’s operations, balances the historical accuracy of all operations with the drivers of future performance, and assists organizations in implementing strategy. The Balanced Scorecard is the tool that answers all these challenges.

This workshop will give the individual participants the opportunity to understand and design a carefully selected set of quantifiable measures derived from an organization’s strategy. These measures represent a tool for leaders to use in communicating to employees and external stakeholders, the outcomes and performance drivers by which the organization will achieve its mission and strategic objectives. People who develop or deliver information not necessarily intended for use in job performance can also gain useful skills by attending this workshop.

Training methodology

  • Group discussions
  • Reading
  • Structured exercises based on case studies
  • Presentations


Every workplace has a diverse human resource carrying out the expected task. The complexity of the assignment often complicates the work environment, where individual egos and behaviors overcome the commonality of goals, resulting in less than the par performances. As a result the organization suffers. 
To address such scenarios, and to bring out the very best in teams, this adventure learning intervention has been developed. It revolves around the individuals forming the respective teams and caters to development needs of those involved. This tested workshop has also proven to be very effective in helping the organizations identify and develop current leaders & find out the future ones.


This workshop shall be equally suitable for employees of all cadres of the same organization. Preferably the teams (5 members each) comprising of same/cross-functional departments.

Workshop objectives

  • Effective Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Handling Complex Situations
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Coordination between Departments
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Effective Resource Utilization
  • Better Communication

This is an experiential/edventure learning intervention where participants are practically involved in finding the hidden treasures in a challenging and ambiguous terrain. The respective teams experience ambiguity, resource constraint and other custom designed elements relevant to the actual work environment, thus helping in highlighting the individual shortfalls and removing hindrances in the development of effective teams.



  • Conducting Effective Appraisals
  • Creating a Professional Job Evaluation System
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Writing Effective Job Descriptions
  • Writing clear & concise Policies & Procedures
  • Train the Trainer
  • HR for Line Managers
  • Team Dynamics
  • Leadership & Management Controls


  • Coaching & Mentoring Skills
  • Core Competencies
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Developing a Crisis Management Strategy
  • Developing Management Skills
  • Financial Awareness for the Non-Financial Staff
  • Planning & Organizing Skills
  • Successful Planning
  • Supervisory Management Skills
  • Team Building & Effective Leadership Skills


  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Etiquette for excellent Customer Services – for Front Line Staff
  • Improving Telephone Calling & Attending Skills – Customer Care
  • Retail Sales Techniques


  • Office Management & Effective Administrative Skills
  • The Perfect PA – for senior administration staff and PAs


  • Advance Selling Skills
  • Essential of Marketing & preparing an effective Marketing Plan
  • Improving Sales Skills – Key Elements of Successful Selling
  • Negotiation Skills – Closing Better Deals
  • Retail Excellence – Beating the Competition in Sales and Services
  • Dealing with Difficult People – Assertiveness Skills
  • Developing effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Self & Time Management
  • E-mail Etiquette – Presenting Professionally
  • Professional Business Writing Skills
  • Writing Powerful Business Letters
  • Report Writing – How to structure a report for maximum effect?
  • Presentation Skills – Making a powerful impact on audience

Registration & Payment Options

Companies must register for the upcoming event within 15 working days after the announcement of the final date of the event. For the registration please send us your complete information: Name, designation, organization, mailing address, mobile number, phones, fax and email through any of the following options.

Tell #0518432626
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Send your Bank PO/DD in favor of 
Management Excellence 
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Registration Note:

Participation will be confirmed subject to receipt of full payment. Substitutions are welcome. Please notify us of substitutions, in writing at least two working days prior to the event. All cancellations must be sent in writing, and will carry a 15% cancellation fee. No refund shall be given if the cancellation occurs within 10 working days prior to the workshop. Same applies to delegates who don’t attend the workshop without cancellation. Workshop material will still be couriered to them. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Management Excellence reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event.


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