Dr. Aamir Murad

Dr. Aamir has a diverse background with international experience in OD, HRM, Marketing & Management. At present he is one of the most accomplished person in Pakistan in the area of Organizational Development. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin, USA where he undertook research in corporate restructure and management of change. He is also a member of the US-based Society of Human Resource Professionals. He has worked with internationally renowned organizations like Halliburton USA, AT&T USA, Citibank N.A. Pakistan, Oil & Gas Development Company, Pakistan Telecommunication Company, at senior management positions in the fields of Organizational Development & Marketing. As a consultant, his multi-dimensional professional experience in the fields of fertilizer, engineering, telecommunication, oil & gas, development and banking sectors gives him unique insight in the practical and operational aspects of individual assignments. A world renowned HR consultant, he is based in Islamabad and specializes in corporate restructure covering various aspects of organizational development such as job analysis, competency modeling, business process re-engineering, training & development and HR policies. As our CEO, he is currently consulting with reputable organizations in UAE and Pakistan and providing valuable organizational solutions to our ever growing and satisfied client base.

Mr. Sabah-ul Arfeen

He has 20+ years of international experience in Telecom, IT, Project Management and Engineering. Having done his MBA in Project Management and BE in Avionics Engineering from NED University he has worked with internationally renowned organizations like Nortel, Allstream Corp (Formerly AT&T Canada), Bell Canada (Formerly 360 Networks), and Sprint Canada in the field of Telecom. He is a certified Information Auditor (CISA) having auditing experience of a huge telecom network in Canada. His multi-dimensional professional experience in the fields of engineering, telecommunication, oil & gas gives him unique insight in the practical and operational aspects of individual assignments. He is a seasoned project manager having successful rollout and deployment experience of Nortel Optical backbone and transport network in PTCL and Ufone, Pakistan. Prepared the costing and deployment plan for many international projects like deployment of Chevron NG-DWDM network Over Oil Platforms between Australia and USA, thru New Zealand, Fiji, and Huwaii; 12 countries ATM global network for SingTel, Singapore, etc. Presently he is based in Islamabad and specializes in project management and consulting covering business process re-engineering, enterprise resource planning, program management, production planning, and project management. He is currently consulting with organizations like OGDCL, Wi-tribe, and Pakistan Air Force.

Mr. Yasir Ansari

19 years of Systems Engineering and Management experience in IT,fixed -line and Cellular Telecom and Data Networking industries with “ Tier 1 “ technology and MNC’s (IBM, Nortel, British American Tobacco ). He has led two successful green field operations in both local and international markets. Expertise in design, commissioning, policy making, and delivery of cost-effective, high performance information technology infrastructures and applications to address complex business problems Extensive qualifications in all facets of project life cycle from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through documentation, implementation, user training, and enhancement. Strong international networking and telecommunication background with a proven ability to build and manage creative, highly organized teams. Core competencies include:

• ERP Solutions 
• IT & Data Technology Architecture & Integration • Billing and CRM infrastructures
• Service Delivery Platforms
• IP based Call Center technology& Commissioning
• IP based Network Platform Design implementation
• IT Organization & management Re-engineering
• High level Business Process Mapping
• Contract management& Negotiations
• Information Security Policy Making
• Technology/ Business Linkage Planning

Mr. Anjum Jawaid Khan

Having done his LLM from McGill University Canada, he is having over 20 years of experience in areas of civil, international and corporate law, also covering the constitutional side. Currently serving as Counsel to the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan in famous high profile cases. Also providing consultancy to Howard Energy, USA on Railroad and Oil & Gas Projects in Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

Mr. Umar Khan

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan he is having over 20 years of experience in all aspects of Audit, Accounting & Financial Management. He is our principal consultant who would study your finance model and then provide the most effective solution to improve the financial performance and output.

Dr Javed Khan

He is the only clinical psychologist in the country who specializes in the development of Psycho-metric Testing, a tool that all the leading organizations are using world-over to assess the personal as well as professional traits in its existing and to be hired HR. This ensures that only the right people are placed at the right job and concurrently helps save a lot of money that is otherwise wasted if a wrong decision is made. A PhD from Spain he has custom designed state of the art human resource assessment tools for a lot of renowned organizations in the region. His results and reports are accurate and cover a wide range of traits.

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